Video Poker Variants - Jokers Wild

There are a dozen or more variations of the classic video poker game and each one provides a new twist on standard rules. Jokers Wild is available in land-based casinos as well as their online counterparts and provides players with more opportunities to win than ever before.

Playing Jokers Wild

Jokers Wild video poker is very much like all of the other video poker games out there. It follows the standard rules associated with five card draw with one major exception--Jokers are used as wild cards and can be used to complete any poker hand. Jokers Wild may also be used in combination with other video poker variants like Jacks or Better, Perfect Pairs and more. In most cases, however, Jokers Wild is simply a slight variation of the classic five card poker game.

Rule Variations within the Game

Though Jokers Wild is pretty self-explanatory, not every casino follows the same rules. For instance, while there are typically two Jokers per deck, some casinos allow the software to be programmed for as many as four Jokers. Jokers are available in red and black color schemes, and while some casinos ignore this, others factor it into poker hands like the Royal Flush. For instance, if the other cards in the flush are red, the Joker must also be red or it cannot be used.

More than Four of a Kind

Hypothetically, a player could build hands of more than four of a kind by incorporating the wild cards into the mix. Most video poker machines do not recognize this and will only pay out for the four of a kind. Similarly, players who enjoy games that provide four Jokers per deck may actually be able to accumulate all four in a single hand. Sometimes, this is the winning combination for video poker games with progressive jackpots.

Players who enjoy poker and want to give video poker a go will likely find Jokers Wild to be one of their favorite variations. Always read the rules very carefully before making a deposit in order to avoid misunderstandings.