Unlawful Internet Gambling Act

Only those who are regularly into playing online casino games and other such online gambling games would be able to understand more about the uigea usa laws. This is Act is nothing but an amendment that was discreetly passed in the year 2006. These uigea usa laws were passed as an amendment to the main SAFE Port Act which is already under existence. Though done with a lot of urgency and perhaps without much thought, it sent through the Senate. Though it has become an act the irony is that many people who voted and made this into an act are not aware of the contents and provisions of these uigea usa laws. Anyhow it would not be a waste of time to try and understand something about the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, though not many people understand anything much about it.

The main purpose and objective of these uigea usa laws is to stop movement of funds from and to the various internet based casino gaming centers. The main objective is to try and dissuade and even prevent online casino players from signing up. The bill apart from affecting casino players most certainly, also has a very big impact on banks and credit card companies who depend a lot on these online gamblers for their revenue and income. It also could badly affect other payment gateways such as Western Union and Paypal. However, the bill does have certain exceptions to the provisions of the overall act which would also make interesting reading

The exceptions mostly relate to horse trading and lottery and do not hold out much hope for online casino players. The directly fall out of these uigea usa laws was that many online operators had to close or block their sites to American players. This had a very bad and negative impact in the overall online casino gaming market.