American and European Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular games online and in the flesh, no matter what variations or rules you are playing by. There are slight differences known as Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and European blackjack rules, and only players who are educated on these rules can know the best variation for them.

American Blackjack

Las Vegas and Atlantic City rules are almost identical. In these variations, the dealer gets a hole card - a card face down - as well as a face-up card. The hole card is not relevant at first unless the dealer has gotten an Ace or ten value card. Having an Ace will allow the other players to make a bet if they then choose. If the dealer has a ten value card instead of an Ace, then the American rules dictate that the players cannot make another bet. If the dealer can verify that there are any blackjacks after dealing, these variations allow players to make more bets. This means that if they lose the round, they lose everything without being able to make that second bet on statistics, not instinct.

European Blackjack

The main difference between American styles, both Las Vegas and Atlantic City, and European blackjack is that Europeans do not favor the hole card. Instead, they do not deal that card at all until all players have received their cards and played their hands. Then, the hole card is dealt and played, earning it the nickname the "no hole" variation. Insurance bets, like the bets based on the dealer's card that vary in legality in the American variations, are still applicable in European blackjack. This variation also allows for players to place more bets whether or not a blackjack is verified right after dealing.

Blackjack is a beloved game all over the world, seemingly in any form it takes. Know the rules of the game you are playing, and most of all, have fun!